Another rather useful expression in Finnish


"Vittujen kevät ja kyrpien takatalvi"

The spring of cunts and the late winter of dicks

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"He’s a great guy and good goalie. It’s nice to have another European there, although he is Swedish."

Tuukka Rask talking about his new backup, Niklas Svedberg (x)

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Building up a bonfire


- Kokko! Kokoo kokoon koko kokko!
- Koko kokkoko?
- Koko kokko!
- Ok, kokoon kokoon koko kokon!

Two people talking with each other:
- Kokko (a surname)! Build the whole bonfire up!
- The whole bonfire?
- The whole bonfire!
- Alright, I’ll build up the whole bonfire!

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So Germany tried to beat Finland in Ice Hockey

"Menkää kotiin ja hävetkää"

Antero Mertaranta about referees in Fin-Rus game. (via somegirlslovehockey)

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Team Finland in World championships, Minsk 2014

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juuso hietanen scores on a power play

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I just keep hating Russia more and more and more…

Putin… If you’re reading this…

If we burn,

you burn with us.

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